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Background of the Mirador Photography website...

For over fifteen years, this site has been a way for me to put some of my photos on the web for family and friends to enjoy. I consider this more of a recreational site when compared to the Mark Mass Photography website. While every image on the Mark Mass Photography website is for sale, many of the images on the Mirador site look good digitally, but don't print at a quality I would be comfortable selling. I hope to change that one day by getting higher resolution scans of more of my slides and black and whites, but until then, only a limited number of images on this site will be offered as Special Edition prints. Within the galleries on this site you'll find photos I've taken over the last couple of decades to include black and white, travel, traditional macro, and adventure photography. In addition to the galleries, I have also included a page of links to various artists and websites I find interesting. I hope you enjoy the site and thanks for visiting!


The story behind the name...

Years ago, while exploring and photographing the Southern Patagonia, I noticed locations on my topo map marked "Mirador". I came to discover that miradors were observation points offering majestic views of the rugged landscape in that region. At one such location, high in a remote valley, someone had painted MIRADOR on a large boulder. I snapped a photo to document the absurdity of defacing a boulder with something so blatantly obvious. Months after my return to the states, I decided to use that name for my website, and so, Mirador Photography was born.


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